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Bubbas To go Fried Chicken
Dallas Observer

Good to Go: The Comfort We Need From Bubba’s Cooks Country Drive-Thru

Bubba's Frisco location
Guide Live

Bubba’s fried chicken has opened its second restaurant in 38 years, in Frisco.

Fried Chicken dinner
Dallas Business Journal

New fried chicken spot opens from Bubba’s, owner of Babe’s.

Chicken fried steak with gravy
Eater Dallas

Iconic Park Cities Fried Chicken Joint Plots Second Outpost.

Fried Chicken and mashed potatoes
Visit Frisco

Bubba’s Cooks Country serves home-style country cooking.

Employee says welcome to Bubba's
Dallas News

Even in the bustling city, the simple country life can be found at Bubba’s Cooks Country in Snider Plaza.